YP and WinGRSS Mixer

The mixer is a great opportunity for young professionals (YP) and women in GRSS to have an informal meet and greet and to network with accomplished professionals from industry and academia.

Presentation 1: Algerian ESAT CubeSat for Academic and Professional Activities

This presentation will be about the Algerian ESAT CubeSat, which is a tiny box-shaped educational satellite acquired by the IEEE GRSS Algeria Chapter as part of an IEEE GRSS initiative in the MENA region. Thus, in this talk, educational projects, for the exploitation of this CubeSat through its functionalities, will be presented. These educational projects are carried out by young researchers and professionals with the aim of further popularizing space activities, and attracting more young people interested in this rapidly expanding field in Algeria.

Abdelkerim Souahlia

Abdelkerim Souahlia received the engineer and the Magister degrees in Telecommunication from the National Institute of Telecommunication and Information Technology (INTTIC), Oran, Algeria, in 2004 and 2010, respectively. He received the Doctorate degree in Electronics from University of Sciences and Technology Mohamed Boudiaf, Oran, Algeria in 2021. He joined Ziane Achour University of Djelfa, Algeria, in December 2011. He is currently a Lecturer in Electronics and Programme Leader for the MSc Networks and Telecommunication. He is a member of the Image, Speech and Intelligent Systems of Transmission (ISIST) group in the Laboratory of Telecommunication and Smart Systems (LTSS) at Ziane Achour University of Djelfa, Algeria. He has significant experience in the areas of image processing and machine learning. He is an IEEE member, a member of Algerian Association of Geosciences and Remote Sensing (ASGRS) and has served as a Program Committee Member and a reviewer for several international conferences and journals.

Presentation 2: Women's Integral Role in Algeria's Aerospace Landscape

During this presentation, the significant contributions of women in Algeria's aerospace sector, focusing on their roles within the Algerian Space Agency (ASAL), will be highlighted. In particular, the contributions of women across various ASAL entities, through research and development, space applications, training, engineering and management activities, will be described. Moreover, some measures allowing the full participation and advancement of women in the aerospace field will also be discussed.


Imène TALEB currently a Senior Engineer at the Centre de Développement des Satellites of the Algerian Space Agency, exemplifies dedication and expertise in the aerospace field. With a diverse educational background, including Master's and Doctorate degrees in New Information and Communication Technologies in Electronics, as well as a Professional Master's degree in Human Resources Management and a DESS in Economic Journalism, she possesses a versatile skill set reflective of her commitment to continuous learning. In her role as a Chief Engineer within the Optical and Radar Detection team, Imène leads cutting-edge research projects and oversees instrument sizing for Earth observation, demonstrating her proficiency in spacecraft instrumentation techniques. Notably, she spearheads research on hyperspectral Earth observation payloads and actively participates in the integration of infrared spectrometers into CubeSat 3U payloads, showcasing her hands-on involvement in space mission projects. Beyond her technical duties, Imène plays a pivotal role in mentoring and supervising interns, fostering talent development in the aerospace industry. She actively contributes to regulatory committees, influencing policy decisions with her expertise. Additionally, Imène's involvement in organizing scientific and technical events highlights her facilitation skills.